How to wire a 4 way light switch with power feed via the light switch

In this 4 way light circuit the power source is via the first switch (SW1). The hot connects to the common on that switch and the neutral is spliced through all the switch boxes to the neutral terminal of the light. A Three-wire cable runs between all the switches connecting the travelers.

A two-wire cable (C4) connects the last switch (SW3) to the light fixture, the common on that switch connects to the hot terminal on the light.
4 way switch with the the power source via the switch

  • Mike

    What does this diagram look like if the Power Source goes into the middle switch? So the middle switch as Source Power, and then branches out to the left switch (12-3), and also branches out to the right switch (12-3). Then the light bulb is connected to the right switch with a 12-2… Do both the middle and the right switches need to be 4-ways?

    • Kevin Kellerman

      No. The power in this diagram comes in from the bottom left most conduit, and then exits out the top right conduit. You can put as many 4 way switches in the middle as you like, it’s just the ends (power in, and power out) that get the three way switches, to close the circuit off.

      • I need a circuit where the source AND the feed to the lights are both at the 4-way switch. Is that possible?

        • Kevin Kellerman

          No. You’re in the middle of a series connection of parallel switches. It has to be on one end or the other. Otherwise, it would only work if you had all the switches the right way, and then blow the breaker in the other because you’d have a dead short in the line.

          To be honest, I’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish.

          • It works fine. See this site, Method #3:

          • Kevin

            That’s not in the 4th switch circuit, it’s in the same BOX but not in the switch… I thought you meant in the middle of the X. As far as using the BOX as a junction point, as long as you have the wires running thought it, yeah sure, it’s just passing through not doing anything.

            Anyway, glad you found a solution.

  • Stephen Chapel

    What would the diagram look like for:
    power switch switch light light switch light switch