2 way light switch with power feed via light

The power source enters the light fixture where the neutral connects directly to the neutral terminal  of the light. The hot wire from the source is spliced through to the 2-way switch and via the switch to the hot terminal of the light.
2 way switch with power feed via switch

  • Jiabin Qin

    Thanks for the sharing. This is helpful for us when we need a 2 way switch. But as wireless technology improves, there could be an easy way to achieve 2 way, 3 way or multi-way switch as described in this video https://youtu.be/co5wI5mLDzk
    They use a receiver to control the light, and pair as many switch buttons as needed to achieve 2-way or 3-way control. Hope it helps people who are looking for a easier 2 way switch.